• My Typical Day Including Food and Physical Activity

    My Typical Day Including Food and Physical Activity

    As the New Year’s is fast approaching, we’re all thinking about New Year’s resolutions and taking up new habits. For a great percentage of us, this means new eating and exercise routines, probably some weight loss, dieting and kicking-off bad habits such as smoking. We’re all busy people and for most of us, this will mean a new effort for a few weeks or a couple of months and then it’s forgotten about. I don’t believe in dieting, it doesn’t work for me. I love food too much, and it’s not something I would stop myself from having. I just can’t imagine not being too able to have some of the things I love, so for me, it’s all about moderation… okay I lie…., it’s all about balance! I do love my food and love to eat a lot, but I balance it up; if I’m naughty one day, I’m good the next. I also maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in general with exercise, walking whenever I can and plenty of outdoor activities.

    Understandably most people are quite busy and don’t have time to join a gym, but it’s all about making time and prioritising. I am myself a busy mum, and I work part-time, and I train regularly at the gym. I have also adopted healthy eating for the family as a whole, which has taken a while. This doesn’t by any means mean eating salad all day (although it is on my dinner table every evening), but small adjustments such as using less oil and salt, grilling or baking instead of frying and reducing unnecessary sugar, e.g. in hot drinks. Over a year ago, I have given up smoking, and I haven’t taken up anything to make up for it. Having said this, I don’t restrict myself from anything, and I really enjoy my food as I do my fitness routine which varies between high-intensity cardio, yoga and weightlifting.

    Below I’ll list a typical day including food and physical activity, I hope this helps with ideas, motivation or recipes, for more please visit my Instagram food page @mynewfoodpage.

    Breakfast: weekdays it’s usually bran flakes with fruit yogurt and a homemade smoothie to go I often choose between beetroot or a green smoothie.


    Green smoothie ingredients: curly kale, spinach, kiwi, cucumber, fresh ginger, juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of Spirulina (optional), chia seeds, apple juice. I have been taking this smoothie for about 3 years regularly and I have not had a cold since!!

    Lunch, depends on the day, if I’m home, it would often be something like smoked salmon, some eggs and cream cheese with some fresh spinach and baby plum tomatoes on a bagel, as seen in the picture. I avoid snacking on biscuits or cookies regularly however, whenever I fancy I do allow myself a treat, including chocolate or cake or whatever the occasion calls for.


    On the go:  When I’m working, I take my lunch with me. It would take me about 15 minutes to prepare both breakfast and lunch. Pic: Beetroot smoothie and smoked salmon salad:


    Smoothie Ingredients: one boiled beetroot, banana, satsuma, juice of half a lemon, fresh ginger, some frozen summer fruits, chia seeds and a little apple juice. Blend until all mixed well, take in a shaker cup.

    Salad: spinach, red pepper, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes, smoked salmon, feta cheese (optional) chia seeds.

    Dinner: CHOOSE ONE!

    Dinner 1: grilled chicken thigh fillets, roast baby potatoes, grilled green beans and asparagus and goats cheese salad.


    Dinner 2: homemade peri peri chicken, spinach and goats cheese salad in balsamic vinegar and broccoli.


    My exercise routine varies from day to day, I try to keep it interesting while also working on different areas, e.g., cardio for my cardiovascular health, weightlifting for strength and muscle tone and yoga to maintain flexibility and re-charge. Depending if I’m working or not I would go after work and after preparing dinner but before eating. I have tried doing cardio after a big meal….. not a good idea!!

    I would make sure the children have eaten before going to the gym. I try keeping evening training to a minimum, once or twice a week tops! I mostly train on my days off- straight after the school run and then I have time to run my errands, meet friends or catch up on housework. Weekends I go in early for fasted cardio before the kids are even up and I feel energised and refreshed for it. We then carry on with weekend family time such as homework, going out to parks or markets, meeting friends or participating it whatever is going on at the time.

    I try to involve the kids in outdoor activities, and we do ride bikes, play in parks or just enjoy a long walk and absorbing in the scenery.


  • Posted by Neylah on December 12, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    Really interesting post and recipes, beetroot smoothie looks amazing! Tried it at home, delicious and strongly recommended!


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