• Welcome to our new fitness website

    Welcome to our new fitness website

    Welcome to our new fitness website Know Yourself Fitness that specializes in improving your well being and strength as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual health. First, I’ll tell you my story, so you would understand how this website came to be and what benefits you can reap from it.

    About Me

    My name is Adrian and I am completely and utterly in love with anything that surrounds self improvement that keep us happy, healthy, humans. My specialties are, well what ever my instincts tell me to do. In my younger years I excelled in athletics, after that a lot of judo earning a brown belt, after that muay – thai and boxing, and now power lifting and body building. This is reflective of my journey through life. Will I ever stop training, no, its like water, an essential part of my well being.

    My Turning Point

    I have been 63kg at my lightest and 143kg at my heaviest, so I know what its like living at both ends of the spectrum. It was certainly testing times that’s why I have such a passion for people and their stories of personal growth and development. Due to my thyroid gland not doing its job since my final year at the university, it was an ongoing chain of events. I appreciate all the Doctors did, but back in those days they don’t sit you down and explain to you the effects of the illness, I was just given drugs and carried on, not engaging in better nutrition or exercise. A chain of events took place, heart problems, hypertension, pre-diabetes.

    Due to my experience with exercise and dieting I did it all my self, researched training for people with hypertension, found out about foods that I could eat without causing more issues with my thyroid and built a plan to go by. Most of my personal trainer friends all experts within their own ways couldn’t really help me, therefore, I just tried myself. As soon as I started seeing results and feeling better within myself I was determined to do more. No one can ever say they didn’t have time, if you add up the time you are on your smart phone or internet you will be surprised. For me, I started with walking in the evening for 30 minutes and then 35 and then 40 etc. – we all start somewhere.


    I have the qualifications, which will fill this page quickly, but my experience from my own struggles makes my coaching to you more personal, I want you to succeed, I want you to love yourself and I want you to realize how unique and amazing we all are.

    Being a PT or coach isn’t a job, it is who I am. Through exercise, together we will improve your well being and in turn your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

    Success is moving in the direction your heart takes you putting your fears on the back seat for a while, the first step is to make contact so your journey of self discovery can begin.

    So welcome, to our new website and I hope you find it helpful and informative. Check out our other fantastic trainers. You are more than welcome to contact them, and please also have a look around at our videos, photos, and the supplement shop.

    Thanks guys and best of luck on your journey…

    Lao Tzu, quoted, “a journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step.”

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